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Another Visu-Lite hi-hat question

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  • Another Visu-Lite hi-hat question

    The other thread was getting pretty long, and the pictures were kinda making it messy. So I wanted to ask this question in a new thread...

    I'm noticing that when I use the hi-hat pedal, I'm getting the closed hi-hat "stick" sound instead of the hi-hat foot sound. I figured out that it's because using the pedal brings the top hat into contact with the bottom hat, causing the top hat to trigger. I guess the TD-10 sends out a "hi-hat foot" sound and immediately afterwards a "closed hi-hat" sound... I confirmed this by loosening my hi-hat clutch and just letting the pedal do its thing without moving the hi-hats up and down. I also looked at the MIDI output, and I'm getting two quick notes (note 2E followed by note 2C.)

    I would much rather get the hi-hat foot sound when I use the pedal... Have any other Visu-Lite hat users seen this, and if so, what can I do? I thought about loosening the clutch and have the hats not move or come together, but that would cause damage to the pedal module, since there'd be nothing stopping the pedal from coming down. Plus, I *wanted* a realistic hi-hat that actually moves up and down, and comes together.

    So can I have my cake and eat it too? Is there a way to tweak my setup so I can get my hi-hat foot sound back and still have realistic hi-hat action? All help is appreciated!
    kit pr0n.