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TD6 Channel Bad?

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  • TD6 Channel Bad?

    Had a TD6 for about 3 months....used from EBay. Has been working great! Playing last night had the kick pedal input go almost dead. It would trigger with extreme effort on the pedal. Troubleshooting had it down to the channel input. Tried different pads, cables, settings, factory reset on the module etc...still concluded bad channel. Since not under warrenty and 65/hr in Atlanta to "look" at the thing I took off the back cover, took one look, put cover back on. Tried it again...works great. Anyone ever had a channel drop in and out.

    Waiting for the failed channel to reappear?



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    channel bad on module

    Sounds like a cold solder joint on that particular 1/4" jack; if the main circuit board is arranged in such a way that all the solder points are facing downward (pointing at you when you have the bottom cover off), anyone who can work a soldering iron can fix this in less than 10 minutes. I don't have nor have seen the inside of a TD-6 so I can't say for sure.