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DTXpress & Pintech

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  • DTXpress & Pintech

    Hello folks! I'm new here and relatively new to edrumming. Although I've been playin for 35 years, I just got a DTXpress 10 months ago.
    I love edrumming and haven't used my TAMA Starclassics on a gig since May.
    I'm looking to eventually upgrade to mesh heads and a TD-8 or 10. I'm looking to get the mesh heads first as I have serious case of tennis elbow developing. How compatible are Pintech's concertcast drums with the DTXpress module? I've emailed Pintech several times but haven't received a response.
    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Pintech ConcertCast Pads
    Titan 1000 Rack
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    Yamaha/Hart/Pintech Cymbals

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    Here we go...

    I have an express and recently "almost bought" the Pintech Pinpad 2 setup...

    Part number PINpad2 - 1 CC102ST Dual zone woven head snare, 3 CC101ST Single zone toms and 1 CK-V woven head bass drum.

    This set is the best addition to a DTXpress for conversion. It has a dual zone snare which you would run in to the "9/10" jack on your DTXPU module. The stand up kick plugs in as normal. The three single pads will mount directly to the Xpress hardware turned towards the ceiling. So basically take the tom arm and push it away from you until the mount points upward.

    You will be all set to go from there. As far as modules go, if you are serious about upgrading, then sell your DTXpress and get the Roland V-Stage Kit or possibly a used V-Custom Kit. They will give you the TD-8, mesh pads, new cymbals and better hardware. All for about $1500-$2000 more than you will get for your kit.

    If you do the math, a TD-8 ($800), Pintech Pads ($600)... So, minimum of $1400 in to upgrading. And weigh that against buying brand new... $2600 - your kit... it makes it a tough sell not to do the whole thing. I ended up upgrading to a V-Concert with a few additional upgrades.

    Good luck and happy playing!
    Mapex Acoustic Birch 6pc Kit - Sabian Cymbals - PC Recorder/MIDI: Sonar 2.2 - M Audio Audiophile 24/96 / Avance AC97 - Samson 65A Monitors - Building a V-drum revolution kit: 3 - 10" Toms, 14" Snare, 2 - 16" Crashes, 12" Hats, 10" Mesh Kick - MODULE TO BE DETERMINED...


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      Thanks for the reply. On the surface, it makes perfect sense. However, I really like the idea of the 10" Pintech pad, rather than the 8" Roland pad. Plus, I have a Titan1000 rack on order to mount the new pads on. Add to that, the fact that I normally play Acymbals on live gigs.
      Now does the Pintech and Roland upgrade make sense?
      I'm not in a position to get both at the same time. I thought I'd get the mesh pads first, as the rubber pads are taking their toll on my elbow and forearms. That's why I need the advice on the Pintech/DTXxpress combo.
      I've been experimenting with a friend's concertcast pad, but just can't get the dynamics I'm looking for (or what I had with the Yamaha pads). I did get some advice from Brian LaRue at Pintech. I'll try that tomorrow and see if that helps.
      Thanks again for your reply.
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      Pintech ConcertCast Pads
      Titan 1000 Rack
      Yamaha DTX
      Yamaha/Hart/Pintech Cymbals