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td6 basic problem

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  • td6 basic problem

    I am fairly new to td6 sequencer use, but have tried to make sense of the manual on this subject but with no luck.
    I have two problems/questions

    1.I want to record some backing sequences (say congas) then play along to that.. but If I record on a new song with the percussion kit, then change to the studio kit to play along, the congas change to my studio kit i.e. toms

    2. also I cant seem to upload a midi file from PC to head unit, unless I ignore the tempo and structure and just record as a timeless file.. i.e. I have no tempo, bar signatuer etc..

    Any help would be greatly appriciated!


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    Try these threads for your question #1- and the search function if you haven't already. The threads below don't specifically discuss the TD6, but I wold imagine the principle is the same.

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      Thanks Fella!

      shame it is not easier but incase anyone else needs to know

      It is possible to sequence one drumset part and play along with it with another drumset. Here's how:

      1) Record the drum kit part.

      ## Move the drum kit pattern to the percussion track ##
      2) Select Pattern/F3(Menu)/Edit
      3) Edit = Copy
      Source (pattern#n)
      Dest (pattern#n) (same pattern for source and dest)
      4) select F2 (MEAS)
      5) SOURCE PART = KIT
      MEAS = ALL
      MEAS = 1
      6) F3 (EXEC)
      You have now copied the drumset sequence to the percussion track.

      ## Erase the original drum kit track ###
      7) EXIT
      8) F3 (Menu) Edit
      9) Edit ERASE (***NOT DELETE***)
      10) F2 (MEAS)
      11) PART = KIT
      MEAS = ALL
      12) EXEC
      You have now erased the original drum kit track.

      ## Edit the percussion track sounds ##
      13) EXIT
      14) F2 (Part)/Setup
      15) Perc Set = 11 or 12 (user1 or user2)
      16) F3(INST)
      Now assign the sounds that you desire to the note numbers that are being triggered by the sequence (there is a list of the drum kit note numbers on page 185 of my TD-8 Manual).

      Now you can select any kit to play along with this sequence. The sounds in the sequence will not change when the kit changes.

      I know these instructions sound like a real pain in the a$$ and frankly, they are. But really all of these instructions just amount to a few major steps--record the sequence/transfer it to the percussion track/erase the original drum tracks/be sure that the percusion instruments are set to your liking.


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        doh... these dont seem to work on my td6..

        the instructions don match up with the options on a TD6, guess it is for a different model!!

        anyone else have any answer???
        Would be nice to know!


        p.s. what is f1 f2 f3 etc?


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          Well, f1, f2, f3 are the three "function" buttons on a TD-8 used to navigate through the various menu options.

          The instructions I referred you to are for a TD-8. I suspected that the actual method of accomplishing what you want to accomplish is different for the TD6. I would assume,however, that the principle is the same, that principle being (as stated in the thread you quoted):

          1. Record a pattern/sequence using the drumkit track.
          2. Copy the recorded pattern/sequence from the drumkit trackto the percussion track.
          3. Erase the original drumkit track.
          4. Modify the instruments/sounds of the percussion track to be what you want.

          The specific instructions to accomplish this with the TD6 are apparently different than for the TD8 (as you seem to have discovered). Maybe you can't do this at all with the TD6. I own a TD8, so I can't say for sure.

          I would suggest carefully reading the TD6 manual and also do some more searching here to find out all you can about the TD6's sequencer.

          Good Luck. Keep us posted.
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            I'm 99% sure that a similar trick cannot be used on the TD-6,
            because it doesn't have user percussion parts like the TD-8.

            I did do some trickery on the TD-6 by using a MIDI cable from
            MIDI Out to MIDI In, which allows you to record some things which you can't do directly. I believe this would work for the particular problem mentioned here.

            (I can't confirm this now as I traded my TD-6 for a TD-8.)



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              I'll play around with the pre-recorded bit tonight and see if I can get anything. If you're not using every input, perhaps you could make up a special kit with the congas on your unused inputs, move some pads over to the inputs to record the pattern, then move them back to the normal inputs to play the song? A bit of a pain, but it should get you around the problem.