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"mix in " feedback

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  • "mix in " feedback

    I play at my church every week. My method for monitor has been to plug in from the Sound system snake, an overall house mix, into my mix in jack. Using my headphones, I could hear everything comming through the mains and also mix my kit through the phones to my liking. Recently, our system has been feeding back, BAD, if I turn up the mix in control on my module. I didn't change any output or routing of any kind. My mix in knob is somehow boosting the main system when turned up. I cant figure this out. Any ideas? Does this make any sense to anyone? Thanks Chris

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    If on a TD-10 brain, there is a setting to change the output of the mix-in signal to "phones only".

    On the TD-8, I don't know.

    I also play at church and use a TD-8. to monitor, I use an AUX from the snake to a channel on a small Mackie Mixer (could be anything, even a phones amp) and I run my phones off that. This way, there is no problem with a mono signal coming into a stereo input and also, I don't wind up with a combination of the drums from the main mix, plus the one that naturally comes from the brain itself (drums too loud). Also, since I am using multiple outs of the brain with panning all screwed up, the phones output directly from the brain sounds bad anyway.

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