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  • spd-6/TD-7..?s

    I have some ?s about using these two things together.

    1. does the spd-6 support the use of a FD-7? Can I get the full range between open and close?

    I recently spent some limited time w/both @ a music store. My td-7, and their spd-6, fd-7, and kd-7. I midi the two together and hooked up a fd-7 and kd-7 to the back of the spd-6. The fd-7 would not respond correctly. It would open when it was pressed and close when opened. Could it be that the conection NEEDS to be a stereo cable to support the fd-7, or are the two outputs on the back of the spd-6 ON/OFF. I also tried hooking the fd-7, and the kd-7 to the back of the td-7 thinking it would work this way. The kick worked fine but the hi hat still did not respond right. I initailized the td-7, and still got nothing. Was it the cable. Or do i need an external pad for the hi hat?

    I want a portable set up w/out spending big money. Using my td-7 and the spd-6 midi togther w/ a fd-7 and kd-7. I can use the sounds on the td-7 which can be edited, and use the spd-6 to trigger them, but if the hi hat doesn't respond right then it is not worth it for me. I hope my ?s and set up is clear. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I'm new to this forum, and it has been one of the main reasons i have gotten back into electronic drums.

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    I think the connections in the SPD-6 are on/off only. I'm pleasantly surprised you were able to get the FD-/KD-7 to work with the SPD. Never worked for me. ::Shrugs:: From all the information I had, the SPD-6 was only designed for momentary footswitches like the DP-2.


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      SPD-6...and FD-6

      Curious if Pauly or Jaay ever got any further with the FD-6/7 - KD-7 issue with the SPD-6.

      Guitar Center started their "No Interest/No Financing" event yesterday and I went in today and bought an SPD-6 (and a Behringer KX-1200...I know, I know - the KX-1200 has been hit or miss for many on the forum! Bought the 24month extended warranty and will bang on it pretty hard in the next 30 days just to be sure).

      I intend to midi the SPD-6 to my TD-6/V-Club set up. But...it would be nice to use the SPD-6 on those occassional Sundays when a) I'm too lazy to drag my kit in and b) the music is not as percusive and therefore doesn't require the full set up.

      Tried my FD-6 and got the same results Pauly got - open was closed and closed was open. Couldn't get the KD-7 to work at all.

      Not a biggy...just want to make sure I'm not missing anything before I go out and buy a couple DP-2 footswitches.
      Frisco, TX
      Current drummer for Dan Scot Parr