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marching band sounds?

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  • marching band sounds?

    ok, here's the deal. i've already received my td10 from drumbalaya (plug ). i have done some diddling (with the set of course) but cannot find anything close to the sounds i want. what i want is for my set to sound like the drum section of a marching band. i realize that i determine which drum section (6th grade or phantom regiment). i just want the sounds. didn't find the marching snare sound i wanted, and don't know how to change the depth/head settings on the toms and/or cymbals. thanks all.

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    Well...I dont know about an entire marching section...however I was able to get a good sounding marching type snare out of it......on my td-10 ....I just edited the snare drum changing to a batter head.....cranked the tuning waaaaaayyy up (like 150) and increased the shell depth....sounded pretty good to me....u can try this with the rest of the set to try to get the sounds you are lookin for
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