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Soft/hard sampler, Yes ! but hihat controller??

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  • Soft/hard sampler, Yes ! but hihat controller??

    For music recording purpose, I'm currently looking for software sample triggering. (not in realtime because my soundcard sucks but I'll try to get something better)

    Battery seems OK except for the hihat.
    Are we limited to five different cells (ie: five differents midi notes)only for the hihat? (rim open, rim closed, bow open, bow closed, foot) , is there a way for the hihat controller to be taken in account in order to trigger properly some middle-open hihat samples?
    Any idea to improve hihat sound? (using Battery or something else).
    Because with Battery you can modulate the sound with the foot controler but it affects only pitch/enveloppe/volume or stuff like that .
    This is a general question, which regards all hard/soft samplers users (not only battery users)..

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    I have encountered this same limitation with samplers...
    I've always hoped that if you can control volume with the pedal, there might be a way to control velocity which usually is linked to the ability to trigger different samples. If we use multiple samples and bring up the volume on an open sound while decreasing the volume of a closed sound it might work pretty well.....
    I haven't tried it yet but I will when I get time to play with battery some more.

    Maybe we could control the decay of the "open" samples and get some kind of result...short decay for almost closed hat, long decay for open, closed would be a completely different sample...??

    Has anyone else found a solution or is this a known limitation?

    Let me know if you find anything


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      I've found something than can be interesting:
      With MIDI OX scripting functions (javascript, vbscript, or python script language) you can write powerful midi translation function.
      I mean you can receive midi codes from a midi in port, alter those codes and send it to a midi out port.
      I succedeed in altering hihats notes coming from my TD8 according to the last control change code (ie the hihat pedal position) sent by the module.
      So I have different notes for the hihat, each note correspond to a pedal position range.

      But what I found is not so useful in my case: I noticed that the pedal position sent by the module has not a big physical range, I mean that the TD8 send the code which says "the pedal is fully open" as soon as I released the pedal of 0.5cm.. (is there a way to fix this??)
      This mean I generally play the pedal fully closed or fully open but i'm rarely in a half closed status, because it requires a very high left foot precision..

      (If you're interested in midi ox midi translation I can send the small script I wrote for the hihat notes translation, It has to be improved but it can be useful..)

      If think a way to improve hihat sound is to make a real simulation like daniel (ddummer) did in his perf-x hihat/drum module. But I have no news of a potential release of this vsti module, and his website is in reconstruction..
      Maybe this is possible to simulate the hihat like daniel did using midiox translation, scripting is very powerful.


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        CV hi-hat for Emu E4XT
        This way controls the decay of a single voice as opposed to an elaborate multi voice setup. Go into cords after chosing the open hat sound and pick an empty cord, assign it to , pedal for souce, venvdcy for destination then assign a number between 35 and 65. Then go to master and set pedal to use CC#4, also key is to make sure no aux envelope is used and to clean up the primary envelope so only decay and release 1 are being used. I'm using this method with Emu 26 Studio Drm Kits and Sonic Reality Interactive Drums with great results. The cool thing about this is all you do in the Kat is set foot control to CC#4 and the pad to simple and thats it.
        CV hi-hat for Kurzweil K2000
        I used the same principal as with the E4. Go into edit mode on a drumkit, select amp envelope, set the Attack 1 to %100 level and the Decay Time to a setting above 4.6 depending on the sound you've selected. Turn all other settings off. The K2000 is using two sounds layered to achive two envelopes, you can set both envelopes to the same basic parameters if you like. To access the sounds, strike the pad while holding enter on the keypad, it will cycle through the sounds in the keymap that are layered form the hat voice. All that remains is to go into envelope control and set the control number as foot and the depth to 18.000, the only drag is you must set the Kat to play in mono and use the same sound for the foot closed hat as you are for the open sound but with a short .030 or under gate time in foot chick screen. A workaround for the lack of exclusive groups in the K2000, but it sounds right. As you step on the pedal, it closes the decay envelope and the hat gets tight and stays that way until you let the pedal up. It took me a while to figure this out so give it a try and have fun.
        Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......