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Can I use Y-cables on the other inputs?

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  • Can I use Y-cables on the other inputs?

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    Hi Reevo,

    The Y-cables are not included. But they're very easy to find or easy to make.

    I believe that, exept for the snare, bass, tom1/2 and 3/4, the inputs support dualzone triggers, that is piezo/fsr. (like a CY6)

    Good luck and welcome to the club-club!
    DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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      This might be of some help - I know it's been posted here before, somewhere...
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        www.maplin.co.uk) where they're known by the attractive part number NZ42V and cost a fiver each. In the shops, they put them with the musical stuff.

        The two "dual mono" inputs will take two single trigger pads each (using splitters) so you can add, say, Tom 4 and Aux. This is how the sockets are labelled and how the preset kits are, er, preset, but you can, of course, assign any sounds you like to these pads.

        None of the other inputs will take a splitter. If you split a stereo input (snare, hi-hat, Tom 1, any of the three cymbals) and try to trigger it with two mono pads, only the "head" will work, not the "rim" - so you have one pad doing half the things the input is capable of and the other dead (I've tried it, by the way, just to make sure).

        So, you're limited to 11 pads, but six of them can be dual trigger (and you can daisy-chain KD-7s if you want).

        Have a look at page 2 of the article here

        for an idea of how Roland think you might want to set up an expanded kit.

        My own kit is pretty much that, except I've got dual trigger pads on the hi-hat and snare (PD-7 and PD-9 respectively). I've got one "trigger" to spare (Tom 1 is a stereo input so I could ditch the PD-6 and put a dual trigger pad in there) if I want to max it out completely - maybe go back to three Toms and have four cymbal pads instead - but I'm content for now.

        Is that any help?


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          I've got my set up like this;

          Stereo snare
          Y-cable tom1 & 2
          Y-cable tom 3 & 4
          CY-6 hihat
          CY-6 tom5
          CY-6 crash1
          CY-6 crash2
          CY-15 ride (yeah, i'm not using it as a three trigger cymbal)

          Hope this is of any help.

          Good luck,
          DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas