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Connecting TD-8 or TDA-700 to mixing board

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  • Connecting TD-8 or TDA-700 to mixing board

    Hi everyone,

    I've really been enjoying my new V-Stage kit. My first live performace with them is coming up and I have a couple of questions regarding connecting to the soundboard. I have a TD-8 brain and a TDA-700 amplifier.

    First, I'm probably going to connect to the board (snake to board) from the outs on my TDA-700. The back of the amp has 4 outputs. 2 are left (mono) and right 1/4" jacks, and the other 2 are left and right XLR type jacks. I plan on connecting using the XLR outputs. My question is this: Why are there 2 XLR outputs on this amp with one marked left and one marked right? I thought one XLR out would be all that is needed since it covers left and right, hence the name "XLR". Could someone please explain why this is and what the best way for me to connect to the board would be? Do I or should I run the 2 XLR outs into 2 channels of the board? The TDA-700 manual does not explain this.

    The second question, if I want to connect straight from the TD-8 to the board, what's the best way to do this? I would want to connect to the snake which, of course, runs to the board. It looks like all 4 outs on the TD-8 are 1/4" type, with 2 of them marked "Master Out" left and right and the other 2 marked "Direct Out" left and right. Which outputs should I use and what's the difference? The manual really doesn't say much. Also, since I would like to connect to the snake, which accepts XLR types only, I guess I would have to get a cable or an adapter to run a 1/4" out to an XLR in? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am very new to all of this electronic stuff. My acoustic drums were much simpler, but I am really enjoying the options and power of the VDrums. Thanks!



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    Well I'm certainly no sound guru, but I have learned quite a bit since I got my V-Customs a couple of months ago. I can't respond to your questions about the amp, but I can respond regarding the TD-8.

    To connect to the house mixer via the snake directly from the TD-8, you will probably need at least one DI box (Direct Interface box, or you may have heard it called just Direct Box). You will run from the 1/4" outs on the TD-8 into the 1/4" input on the DI, then from the XLR out on the DI to the snake. This converts the unbalanced, high-impedance signal coming from the TD-8 to a balanced, low-impedance signal which is suitable for running the (relatively) long distance to the mixer.

    Now a word regarding the outputs:

    The Master Outs will send the signal from the TD-8 to the mixer with all the EQ/Ambience settings that you may have applied on the TD-8. The signal from the Direct Outs is a "dry" signal, i.e. it bypasses the on-boord eq/ambience, etc. on the TD-8. So if you want the on-board ambience/eq to show up at the mixer, then use the Master Outs. If not use the Direct Outs.

    Unless you want to be able to send certain parts of the kit on two separate channels, just use the left Master Out (it should be labeled as mono in parantheses next to the jack), or either one of the Direct Outs (I think it doesn't matter which one - anyone?. You would only need to use both left and right outputs if you break the various parts of your kit up by panning certain pads all the way left or all the way right within the TD-8, i.e. - have the cymbals and toms panned one way and the kick and snare panned the other way, or whatever. You would then run each of the outs (L & R) to a separate channel on the snake. That way, whoever is running the board can have some control over relative volumes of those pieces of your kit. I think in that case you would need 2 DI's (unless they make a "stereo" DI - someone else should be able to help you with that.)

    I play for my church, and we just use a single channel and make any adjustments to individual parts of the kit from the TD-8 and it works fine.

    Keep in mind that the Mix In on the TD-8 outputs through the Master Outs as well as the headphones, so if you run anything into the mix-in and use the Master Outs, it will also get sent to the mixer.

    Hope this helps. And I hope that was all accurate. I'm fairly new to this myself.

    Brandon Lecrone
    My favorite hangout Rohs Street Cafe


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      Thanks for the information. That helps a lot! One more question. What kind of cable do you use on the master outs? Do I use a mono type instrument cable or a stereo cable? I don't know anything much about sound yet, but I would assume that I use a mono type guitar cable???


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        Yeah that's right- use a mono cable.

        Good luck with your first live performance with the V's. Let us know how the V's work out.
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        My favorite hangout Rohs Street Cafe


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          crazystix, you could get one of these if you choose to run all four outputs through a DI box.