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Machine gun trigger problem!

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  • Machine gun trigger problem!

    Had my vdrums,td10,tw1,pd9,pd120
    for 2 years now,i play 2s drumsticks,moderate to heavy hitting
    now i been trying to get the right treshhold sensetivity settings.
    what have i missed?i recently went down to play the cheaper versions of the v drums,with the smaller pads...they felt so much better,the samples were more crisp,way more dynamic...i dont know,could somebody maybe suggest some tom and snare settings?curve,sensitivity,treshhold etc..
    before i throw the kit out the window and buy a gretch kit!!!

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    Hi Frankie8

    Whoa, don't freak, man, get them to speak!

    Some thoughts I had after reading your post. Hope they are helpful:

    1) Go back to the shop with a notepad, and write down the settings the kit uses there. ( Probably the default settings). Use them if you want to.

    2) On your kit, go to the trigger, advanced screen, and make sure that when you are hitting as hard as you usually do, that the trigger response is maximal ONLY when you hit the pad hard, like you would do when you wanted maximal volume. Set up the trigger response curve and sensitivity settings to achieve this with YOUR playing style.

    For maximum dynamics, set this up and use your kit with the output volume of your kit set rather high. With the TDW-1, you can still play the kit gently and get low volume, and in a very linear, sensitive fashion, but when you lay into it, the volume will be huge = big dynamics.

    3) Tighten or loosen your heads - probably tighten - to get that feel you liked on the smaller kits. Two years of use with heavy hitting has most likely stretched your heads pretty good.

    4) Is it time to replace your cones? I am about at that point myself. I have already switched my original snare pad with a lower tom because the cone was visually ( without taking off the head ) bashed up. The switch produced a much better response.
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      good points baker,also we tweak our kits.day after day month after month.changing our kit for a friday night jam etc.then we take a week off or something allows us to hear the kits from a different perspective and bam........we have mud.how did this happen?for me personally i'll play a kit one evening as the mood suits and i'll think this kit is it!next morning i'm thinking,man this kit sucks.so if your current settings can be saved,or you don't care for them-set the whole thing back to factory settings and go from there.maybe a fresh take is all you need.if you have to throw something..........borrow it first.never throw your own gear..... good luck
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