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Worth the Money

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  • Worth the Money

    I am a guitar player, not a drummer. That being said, I have started setting up a small, modest home studio. I no longer play with a full time band, but still write songs and would love to record them on anything but a 4 track. I have come across a set of Roland V-session drums, with V cymbels, and the tdw-1 expansion that are less than a year old. This persons wants $3000 for them. I have read up on them a little, and it seems to be a good price. Not being a drummer, I'm a little in the dark on e drums. Is it worth the price? How hard is it to get a good sound for monitoring, and live gigs? Any suggestions for a good cheap way of monitoring them? They don't seem to sound too good thru a guitar amp.

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    jump on it..........oh,and jump on it

    why are you still reading? jump on it.........even if you hated them(which you wont)i gaurantee you could sell them for 3600.00in two hours on ebay........have fun
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      Monitoring is easy with headphones. Also, keyboard amps tend to do a nice job for small areas.

      I must agree with Grravee: JUMP ON IT!!

      Well, actually, BUY THEM! But, in all honesty, you shouldn't actually jump on them. That could hurt both them and you.

      Pound on them when you get 'em home!
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        No see, don't buy them... And give the number of that guy to me so I can take them off his hands...

        I can't believe a fellow drummer would try to take advantage of a poor guitar player. Tell ya what, send me the Sessions and I will pass on the DTXpress kit in my garage to ya... OK?

        PS - yes this is totally sarcasm, you should pick up the kit for $3000 because even if you don't want them, you can turn it in to $4000 on ebay in about a week.

        Good Luck with the studio!
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          Wow...I need some new friends.

          Toker41 you should be aware that if the kit is a red session it's probably worth less than purple or white, but still far more than $3000. I never figured out why but it seems to hold true in auctions. I don't care for the red rack, but I love the shells and they probably look hot on stage.

          Also, you'll open a can of worms with what's best for monitoring. I've tried various guitar and bass amps, only to find that v-drums need a dedicated speaker like a keyboard amp/cab or an active speaker like a JBL EON G2 or Mackie S???-450. If you've got the power amp already, look to invest in cabinet with a min. 12" or 15" woofer. It's best to consult the various other post on this site for amp or monitoring, 'cause I swear by my JBL's EONs.


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            I've had them for about 2 weeks now, and love them. Like I said, I am not a drummer, and probably never will be, but I do have a blast on them. I know enough "real" drummers that are more than happy to keep them warmed up. I haven't figured out a way to record them with good results yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of the right preamp, and maybe a BBE to ice the cake.
            By the way, it is a red set. I thought there was a difference between the three colors, but other than the color, there doesn't seem to be. However, I have also noticed that the red set seems to sell for a bit less than the other 2 colors. Don't know why.


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              Good for you. Sounds like you don't need to worry about selling anyways. What's the feedback been from the guest drummers?


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                I've alway been a fan of white on black. White drums on a black rack would be cool. They really should expand on the colors. As far as cross talk goes, the only problem I have is the snare wants to crosstalk with the ride. It's very slight. Hardly notice it. Almost gets lost in the reverb on the snare. I believe I'm only getting this because the snare is not on a stand. It is mounted to the rack with an arm. It mounts to the bottom rail on the front rack, where as the toms mount to the upper. Guess I'm going to have to break down and buy a snare stand.


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                  I recently put my PD-120 on a snare stand and it virtually elimanated all of the crosstalk I was getting.