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    Well, I had this idea. Since all the inputs on the TD-10 are in 2-ways (stereo) and some pads only respond in one way (PD-100 for instance), and moreover, you can change settings individually for both ways (head and rim sounds), shouldn't it be possible to have a cable with one stereo jack to 2-mono jacks on the other end of the cable, in order to expand your inputs and use two pads connected to one input? One could use the tom inputs for twos pads each. It should work this way...right? I tried already and it didn't work BUT some guy told me that it has to do with the cables or something. Anyone knows how to make it work IF possible? It would be really useful, we could have for instance a tom sound on a pd-100 and a splash sound on other single-trigger pad using just one input.

    And by the way, anyone knows how can I make the cymbal sounds more real using compression and eq? I've been experimenting but I'm not totally satisfied with it.

    All 4 now.

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    Did you ever get ananswers on this ?


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      There is a rub. Here's a good explanation. Look at the 2nd post.
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