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A Silly Question?

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  • A Silly Question?

    Hiya people a newbie here

    I just ordered a td8 by mail order this afternoon but i forgot to ask if the kit comes with all the cables to connect the pads to the sound module! So can someone please let me know if i need to buy any leads before my kit arrives? if so how many do i need?

    Thanks a lot people, and sorry for such a crappy question but i want to make sure i can play it when it gets here,

    Last edited by zombie_eater; 12-23-02, 06:59 PM.

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    If you ordered the TD8KV+P, you will get one box containing all the pads, the brain and all the patch (pad) cables, and another containing the MDS8C rack. All you need to do is add your regular kick pedal, something to sit on, sticks to hit them with and something to play them through (headphones, keyboard amp, PA etc).

    Hope you got a good deal!



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      Tis a beautiful t'ing, it tis

      Hi Zombie_eater

      You are experiencing the normal, well adjusted response to placing an order for your first E-kit.

      If you experience palpitations, dystonic movements, asthenia, vertigo, increased salivation, a fluttering sensation in your chest or throat, tremors, delirium, headache, frothing at the mouth, urticaria, restlessness, fatigue, nystagmus, chills, hemorrhoids, the freaky-deaky thing in the you-know-what with plecchhhinggg, nasal,rectal, vaginal, or penile discharge, catatonia, paranoia, constipation, gastroesophogeal reflux, trench mouth, athlete's foot, or angina - don't worry, it's all perfectly normal.

      You can count on some of those nifty you're-back-in-college-without-knowing-what-classes-you're-signed-up-for-and-it's-finals-time dreams as well.

      Not to worry - it will all be jim dandy when your kit arrives. Your only true problem will be tearing yourself away from the drums so as not to completely ignore the now somewhat insignificant other people in your life.

      Welcome to the club!
      Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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        Great thanks for the help guys, i feel relived now
        Hopefully it should arrive tomorrow so ill let you all know how i get on