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  • URGENT HELP PLEASE! - TMC6 & Pad probs


    I've just bought the following equipment and I THINK that I'm NEVER gonna get it all to work as I want.

    Can anyone please shed a little light and tell me if what I'm trying to do CAN be done?

    What I've just bought:

    2 x CY12R
    3 x PD80R

    What I want to happen:

    Okay, I've got a TD10 with 1 trigger empty (Aux2)

    I want both rides working with ALL THREE TRIGGERS i.e. Bow, Edge and Bell.

    I also want all THREE PD80R's to work for HEAD AND RIM.

    I was goning to use a stereo cable to connect a PD80R to the trigger inputs 3, 4 and 5 on the TMC 6

    And I was using trigger input 2 on the TMC 6 to get the Edge and Bow working on one of the CY12R's

    AUX2 on the TD 10 was going to be the Edge and Bow working on the other CY12R

    and finally Trigger input 1 on the TMC 6 was going to have BOTH the MONO cables for both the CY12R BELLS's running via a Y cable into a stereo cable into the TMC 6.


    I checked with Roland via my local store that the above could be done and I was told that all the inputs on the TMC 6 were stereo and so WHY can't I get this to work!

    PLEASE help, otherwise I'm gonna have to take all this kit back tomorrow to the store!

    I've waited months to get all this kit.

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    Use a stereo cord and the PD-80R so there is one. You can get another PD-80R to run stereo my using a Y cable and 2 trigger inputs. Then the CY12R into 2 inputs. Now all you have is one trigger inpout left on the TMC-6. This is the most you are going to get my friend.
    Ted H.


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      Thanks for your advice.

      Okay, rethink:

      Can I do this?

      1. Have a PD80R connected to Trigger 2 on the TMC6
      2. Have a PD80 NOT the 80R connected to Aux 2 on the TD 10
      3. Have a PD80 NOT the 80R connected to TMC trigger input 1
      4. Have CY12R TWO stereo cables connected to TMC trigger 3 & 4
      5. Have CY12R TWO stereo cables connected to TMC trigger 5 & 6

      Will that work?

      It still gives me everything I want (okay not rim shots on the TOMS but I wasn't really gonna use them anyway)

      Am I right?