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td-8 dissapointments & volume problems

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  • td-8 dissapointments & volume problems

    Hi everyone,

    You all appear to be a well informed group and I am a "first time caller".
    Ok, I recently purchased the Studio Set w/ TD-8, I also have the Yamaha Dtxpress kit and figured I'd leave that where I practice and use the TD-8 Studio kit for gigging.
    I set up the proper banks and all that on the td-8. I'm very sad to say, after spending the $ on the Roland, that in essence I'm not happy w/ it.
    First of all the samples sound "hollow" and as if all Roland did to change one sound to the next is change the pitch or whatever on an original sample which was crappy to begin with.
    The hi-hat sounds are flat and hollow vs. the Yamaha, of all the snares none of them really sound very good, even w/tweaking. The toms, despite the huge selection sound "hollow" and usually w/ "electronic" overtones. The cymbals I can live w/ since the Yamaha's aren't anything to write home about either, bass drums just ok despite the huge selection, most of which poor.
    Despite all of that I'm stuck w/ this thing and will have to deal w/ it.

    I guess my primary problem when playing live, and I'm hoping someone can help, is that I spend way too much time adjusting volumes, (esp. the snare) while playing, and that control seems too touchy, move it a mm up and it's way too loud, a mm or 2 down and you don't hear it.

    In all i'm just not a happy camper and next time I go to practice i'm considering grabbing my DTXpress module and try it w/ the Roland pads, considering my wasted $ that sucks.

    Anyone need a slightly used td-8?

    Help and thanks!

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    Everybody ready.....? Troll,Troll,Troll,Troll,TRoll..... etc etc LOL Schmunk (For some reason I can't get return to work on this form)
    TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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      G'day T.Rol - pretty lame attempt!
      TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

      Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



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        T.Roy(al pain in the a$$), I must bring to your attention the simple fact that you got a defective unit and I suggest you return it for exchange at once!


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          I have actually heard that the TD5 module has better samples than the TD-8! Marc is right, send it back!

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