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Using TD10 with external sequencers?

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  • Using TD10 with external sequencers?

    We are looking at a TD10 Vdrum set to add to our studio, but need to know how well this will interface with our existing gear.

    My first concern is how well the MIDI data translates outside the head. We are using Performer, and I have had trouble before with the Pad8 overloading the MIDI bus with data. How does the TD10 send info like positional sensing, and will playing back the module from my external sequencer be identical to recording into the internal one (which is not a viable option at this point).

    Second, is anyone using the TD10 to trigger external samples? I have a fairly decent collection of samples for my S760, and am wondering whether the increased response from the PD120s will translate, or whether I am limited to only the sounds in the head being as responsive?

    Also, is anyone working with a PC (Mac) based editor for the TD10, and if so, are you able to access all the functions of the head via standard MIDI control functions?

    That's enough for now, thanks in advance for any input.