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TD-10/TMC 6 question & perc grp question

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  • TD-10/TMC 6 question & perc grp question

    I am getting ready to add my TMC 6 to my TD-10exp. After reading the TMC manual, I had this thought. Before I continue, I will explain my set up a little. I have tom 4 mounted on the Hi Hat side which in some songs I use as an extra snare. I want to connect this to trigger output 2 on the TMC so I can use both the rim and the center trigger of my PD-120. My biggest worry is losing the v-edit control over tom 4. The biggest advantage is get the rim shot sound when using it as a snare. I had a thought that may allow me to do both. If I assign the note number for the PD-120 connected to jack 2 of the TMC to the note number of the rim of one of the other toms, say tom 3, will I still get to use the v-edit because it thinks it is connected to tom 3? If not, will the v-edit settings, which are already on tom 3, apply to the tom 4 sound, which I will have assigned to the rim?

    Another thing I want to ask is does anyone know how to put the percussion groups back to factory presets? I read in the TD-10 manual, page 137, that you can but I have not figured it out yet.

    Thanks for the help in advance!!
    Ted H.

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    Just bought and set up my TMC. It's a cool item. Here's my advice: Use the TD-10 for your 4th tom and use the TMC for one of your crash cymbal or your china. TD-10 does allow for cymbal editting anyways.


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      I want the rim shot on the secondary snare one of the reasons I got the TMC and am going to get rid of my SPD-11. Anyone interested in an SPD-11?
      Ted H.


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        Originally posted by Stixx777
        Anyone interested in an SPD-11?
        (Ranman's ears perc up) Hmmmm..... I may be interested if its still available after Christmas....
        My website...
        VCustom kit,
        TD8 + Aphex Impulse,
        HDI Cymbals.
        A great site: eDrumming.com


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          I figured out how to set the percussions group back to there original settings. Press FUNC then PERCGRP then hit TOOLS then COPY you can copy them just like the drum kits. So one question answered!
          Ted H.


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            I'm at the same cross road. I've been thinking about ditching the SPD-20 for the little gadget. I don't think you can V_edit through MIDI at all. I may be wrong but I think MIDI is the issue. I've been a little frustrated by that and the fact that you can't control patterns either. Can you let us know how the idea of using the rim note number?
            [email protected]


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              OK here is the answer to the second question I had. If you assign a note number to the TMC that is the rim number to a tom you get the v-edit setting which is the same as the head trigger. Know here is the BIG problem with that. You don't get to pan the sound where you want it. So I will be using percussion group 2 for my tom 4 sound. Since the tom 4 is on my left. (As soon as I figure out how to edit it)
              Ted H.