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Another practicing with headphones question???

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  • Another practicing with headphones question???

    My band wants to start practicing completely with headphones. There are 5 of us in the band. I read the other post on this topic but need some more clarification.

    I need to know exactly what to get. We have a brand new Carvin 24 channel board on the way and would like to play through headphones off the board. I need to know how to hook this up. It looks like most of you like the Behringer Headphone Amp. It has 4 outputs. Could I use a splitter on one of them to give us a 5th headphone set? Or, for the 5th headset, could I run one of the monitor outputs into my TDA-700 amplifier and plug my headset into that, which would leave the other 4 guys using the headphone amp?

    How would the Behringer hook up to the board? Would we just run one of the monitor outputs into the amplifier? Would each of us be able to adjust our individual volume?

    Has anyone tried the Hart Stereo Headphone amp? Would this work too?

    What kind of headphones would you suggest we buy? I currenly use the Vic Firth Isolation headphones when practicing my Vdrums late at night. They sound really good, except for the bass drum sound, which sounds more like a slap than a boom.

    Would I need any additional equipment other than the headphone amplifier and the headsets?

    Thanks a lot for your help with this matter. One of the main reasons we want to do this is so we can move out of our band room and practice at my place, which would save us $200 month. Thanks!!


    Behringer Headphone Amp

    Art Headphone Amp

    Carvin 24 channel mixing board

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    One thing you might consider is to get two headphone mixers (an extra $99 or so). That'll give you support for 8 headsets, which will allow for as many as 3 visiting musicians, etc.

    Remember: bands change lineups often, so you'd be money ahead to prepare for that extra singer, guitarist, percussionist, girlfriend...

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      actually it has four seperate channels.........each with 3 outputs which gives you 12 pairs of headphones.i currently use the powerplay pro.....3 pairs of sony mdr-7506's and that's it.if a sub mix is required that's when you go to the board.the 4 channels i refer to on the behringer allow you to have four "subs" of phones.you might want a ton of bass,very little treble...etc.however the guy next to you might want less......so he could go to channel 2,3 or 4. if needed,there's a system out which is made by furman,with which you could supply phones for a studio,family,the band,the caterers and any old passer by.it consists of a main power amp and a bunch of "satalite" stations thrown about the studio.the furman hds6 is the main unit which interfaces with you mixer or what have you.the furman hr6 is the remote monitoring station that you use with it.this system runs about 250 for the hds6 and about 90 bucks for each hr6 remote station.this particular system will actually send different mixes.not just stereo signals..........with the powerplay pro,keep in mind that since it has four channels,two of your band members will share a channel. so they will want to have like head phones.the other three channels won't matter...as theey have seperate volume controls on each of the four channels.hope this helps ya a bit.good luck............it's all very simple.you'll see.
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