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TD10-Exp with DDRUM4

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  • TD10-Exp with DDRUM4

    Hi guys, I havn't posted in a while (most of my problems are solved by scanning through the posts). I need some advice on connecting the TD10-exp with a ddrum module. I hoping to buy a ddrum4 brain to add to my v-pro (getting it cheap). The guys in the shop said I should join them with a midi cable and re-assign some of the sounds from the td-10 to the ddrum. I would like to use both module at the same time through my head phones. Any ideas. Aslo is there any issues using the ddrum4 with the Roland v-pro pads.


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    I don't have the manual with me but you should go to the MIDI note map and assign the notes you will use to trigger the Ddrum to any pad and then assign the "silent" sound (the last one in the TD-10) to the pad. On the other module, DDRUM, assign this midi note to a sample.

    Now, whenever you hit the pad in the TD-10 it will trigger no sound in the TD-10 and at the same time through MIDI it will trigger the sound you assigned in the Ddrum.
    (Remember that you'll loose positional sensing and other pluses you have when triggering directly from the trigger input.)

    Then connect the stereo out from the Ddrum to the Mix In on the TD-10.

    I don't think you can use Roland pads with the Ddrum, at least not the PD-80/100/120. But you better ask in www.ddrums.com or call Putenvr three times and he will come to rescue you.