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Need help: Additional midi triggers for my EMU module

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  • Need help: Additional midi triggers for my EMU module

    O.K. here goes: I LOVE my EMU sound module and use it in conjunction with my TD-8 to get awesome layered sounds via Midi note numbers sent by the TD-8. Unfortunately, my EMU module doesnt allow conventional "drum mapping" so I'm pretty much at the mercy of the EMU factory patches....this WOULD be O.K. if the T-8 could send midi notes to MULTIPLE midi channels, but the TD-8 can only send midi out on ONE (1) channel. I have a way figured out to get volume control over only 6 of the midi notes sent to the EMU (using EMU's layer and LINKED layed functions) , and I want to get a TMC-6 to send my remaining pads ( 5 more) midi notes to another EMU midi channel and get separate volume control over my remaining pads. .MY QUESTION IS: can I use the RAdio Shack dual (Y) 1/4" cable idea and send my triggers info to 1) the TD-8 and 2) the TMC-6 at the same time? I hope this makes sense to somebody! Thanks!

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    The good thing about the TMC is that it will allow you to assign different midi channels for different trigger inputs!
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