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right notes in,wrong notes out????

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  • right notes in,wrong notes out????

    My 1st post...I need help from someone thats had this type of problem...

    I have a TD-8 with a session kit, a Motu microexpress, and Cubase SX. Local is off on my set. If I run the TD-8 through the microexpress(with the realtime filters off) and back to itself it works fine, but as soon as I add CubaseSX into the picture(with midithru on SX active) I get garbage back(example: play a drumroll on the snare and only get a 1/4 to 1/2 the notes back along with a crash or 2 and more) in otherwords I don't get the right sounds coming back through SX all the time either. I also have a XP-50 that I use as my master controller for several sound modules that I use without a hitch(no problems at all with SX) This is the only problem that I have left before I can begin my venture into making some serious music (IMHO,lol) I've searched and searched the net for anyone with similar problems, but have not come close to an answer for this problem I'm having. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks