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Roland TD8 v Ddrum 4 SE

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  • Roland TD8 v Ddrum 4 SE

    Hi there,

    I'm about to purchase an electronic kit. Probbably ddrum or Roland TD8. Can someone please give me some critical points for testing the TD8. Example I need acoustic sounds, which sound/ kit is the best for trying the TD8.

    Aren't the pads to small 8 inch??

    Thanks for your replies!!!!

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    Hey you guys,

    Is there no one that can help me on this one. I just want to go and try out a Roland and a Ddrum module at the store. From the Ddrum modul I've downloaded the sound library and the manual, so I know the features before going to the store. I just want the same from the TD8. I don't want a salesman who talks nice, I just want to make my own decision. (I want to know what he's saying!)

    Can anyone help me to find some acoustic sounding sounds on the TD8. Which kit comes closest to the acoustic sounds, do I have to tweek a lot for decent sounds?? I Just don't know.

    Probbably this is an easier question is there on the web a manual for the TD8??? I can't find it at any Roland site.

    A lot of you guys like experementing with the Roland modules. Has someone make some decent recordings so I can listen to them?

    Thanks for at least reading this message



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      I think what "they" are saying is for you to do a search.


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        Yes -do a search

        There is a ton of info on the questions you are asking. Spend some time on the search engine!
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          you can also check ddrums.com.........most people say the ddrum module has a better acoustic sound.well it should,they're analog samples i believe.on the other hand,what you hear on albums are not pure acoustics either.unfortunately the ddrum system i played on at gc was in dire straits so my opinions would'nt be worth a damn really.i record quite a bit with th v's and i'm happy as a clam with the sound......i tweak em just like everybody...my sounds range from steely dan ,floyd, suicidal tendancies,all the way to toto and the squirrel nut zippers(sounds like a cereal to me)so form your own opinions or trust this one lonley cyber idiot.good luck,i'm getting a bowl of cereal.
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            I'm Going to check them both (ddrum and roland) probbably also the yamaha. But I learned a lot from both forums. At first I also thought of buying triggers at the same time as i would buy my first e-kit. I came back from that thought.

            I first check out the full electronic kits. If the sound pleases me than I can considering triggering my accostic kit.

            See you guys arround on this forum, probbably next time I've got my e-kit!!!