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Pintech vs Hart Dynamics

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  • Pintech vs Hart Dynamics

    Hi there,

    I have a TD8 module and want to upgrade my rubber pads to have "like v-drums" pads. Roland PD100 pads are a little bit too expensive for me, can you tell me which brand is your favorite between Pintech (CC101xx) and Hart Dynamics pads please?

    Thanks a lot, I'm a french drummer and I can't try those pads before buying it!


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    Originally posted by c. jude
    No contest. Hart.
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      I am thinking of buying a second set. Could the Hart owners elaborate on why they prefer the Hart over the Pintech. Is it based upon A/B comparisons? Have you tried both? If so, what were the primary differences?


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        I have no experience with Pintech (except for reading the rave reviews of the snare drums folks at this forum have purchased), and my Hart experience is very limited, but I hope this helps...

        I think that THIS says a lot about the Hart stuff from a 'quality' point of view. I can't imagine standing by your product to such a degree if they didn't really belive in it's quality.

        As for performance, you could check HERE for a review.

        Also, this Comparison Chart does a fairly nice job of comparing, among other things, the Harts against the Pintechs.

        In the end, though, I really don't think you'd be wasting your E-Drum Dollars by taking either path. If it were me - being an impatient lad - I'd end up with whichever kit I could get hold of the quickest.
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          "...The Pintech CC drums mesh is extremely spongy and the resulting feel is not even as good as the Rolands' ..."

          Have you tried the two-ply heads on the Pintechs?

          "...Now I'm not bad with trigger parameters, but I can't for the life of me get any of the CC101s or 102s I've had, to track as well as the Roland and Hart mesh drums do. "

          Did you try raising the sensitivity parameter?

          "...they could be acceptable for toms if you can tolerate the feel, but I'd never put one to use for a snare...."

          No question here. The only suitable e-drum for the snare input is one that can handle positional sensing and is responsive enough for crisp grace notes as well as a good buzz roll.

          ... "No offense to anyone intended ..."

          None taken.

          As I explained in my previous post, I am looking at purchasing a second set. So, like many lurking here, I would like to get the best bang for my buck. That does not include sacrificing quality or responsiveness. It would be nice to know which of the non-roland pads that are currently available trigger well.

          Also, as a service to our V-drums brothers (and sisters), it would be helpful to know the value of the various e-pads relative to their price. This would not only help "Spit", but the numerous lurkers interested in making the jump to e-drums and those constrained by their price.

          It is important to note, that there are some on this board that seem to like the spongier feel. If you don't play often or practice enough, the extra uummph in the rebound can be helpful in pulling off some fills and patterns that normally require regular practice.

          The spongy feel can be annoying if you are not use to it, particularly if you are going back and forth between acoustic drums and e-drums. On the other hand, most toms are not tuned with high head tension. So, there is a difference between the way a snare head feels and a tom head feels anyway. Nonetheless, there are adjustments required when one switches to e-drums.

          Thanks for the links "Ranman" and "Chris" the review was very helpful.



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            Thank you for all your replies.

            I still don't know what to do but thanks a lot...
            Any further informations are still accepted

            Have a good day, guys!