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TD-8 and non Roland Mesh pads

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  • TD-8 and non Roland Mesh pads

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    I think if you poke around here a bit you'll find that most folks are quite pleased with their Pintech & Hart pads and how they perform with the Roland modules. From time-to-time you'll find a grumble - which is to be expected since nobody and nothing is perfect - but overall the results are good to great.

    One thing to remember is that Pintech and Hart don't make their own modules, so its a pretty good bet that they design their products with the major brand modules (Roland, Yamaha, DDrum, etc.) in mind.
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        I have a TD-8 with Pintech pads

        My experience has been pretty good with my TD-8 and the Pintech Tour Elite. They are a little less sensitive than Roland's straight out of the box, however can be tweaked in.

        The Pintech pads that I have, have the single layer heads, so they are a little bouncier than the Roland's. You can replace the heads with replacements from Roland or Hart Dynamics. As far as value, the Pintechs are a great dollar for dollar value when compared to Rolands.

        Other items that do not work quite as well as Rolands pads include the dual zone rim triggers and directional positioning. The velocity sensing works very well on the Pintechs, but the directional positioning does not. As for dual zone rim triggering, I have found that I have to turn the sensitivity all the way up to get an acceptable rim shot or crosstick.

        I would recommend Pintechs to anyone who can handle the tweaking that is involved to create an aceptable result. I have not had the opportunity to play on a set of Hart Dynamics, but from what I've read here they are incredible. By the way Pintech and Hart both have a lifetime warranty, something Roland has not implemented yet.

        Good luck with your decision, after all that's who counts.



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          Question off the subject


          Do you know much about Triangle speakers (from France)?

          Are they as good sounding as people say on the reviews?

          If so, looks like I'll be upgrading the home theater setup soon, and I might keep these in mind.



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            Thanks for reply. I have triangle speakers and I'm very happy with. Sound is very defined and well recommended for Symphonic music.
            If you can hear them before buying, try. I have compared with many brands at the same price, it's the best sound I've heard .

            Make your choice and tell me your impressions!