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KD-80 and TD-10Misfire

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  • KD-80 and TD-10Misfire

    Equipment involved in my question is the KD-80 kick drum trigger pad and the TD-10 brain.

    When I am playing, I have problems with the KD-80 misfiring a beat or two after I play the kick drum. It seems to be related to the force with which I play the kick drum. If I press harder on the bass pedal (usually when I am playing with a crash at the same time) the trigger does not work. I get no bass drum sound.

    Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can resolve the problem?


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    If you replaced the original kick with the KD-80, did you apply to the settings needed for the KD-80 ? If not, then that is your problem. On the back page of the manual for the KD-80, you will see the settings you need to apply. If you do a factory reset for any reason, you have to -reapply the settings.

    Hope this helps........................



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      I have this same problem with KD-7 and a TD-8...still have yet to get a response to solve this problem. I have replaced the trigger , but to no avail. The problem seems to get worse when the night goes on...( I play them out with my band) I you find anymore out please forward the info to me as I could use it...
      Thanks and good luck!


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        KD120 Missfire as well

        Just finished playing tonight and saw this post. I had some missfiring as well. My settings seem correct. I thought that it might be a result of vibrations caused by the stand being slightly unbalanced. Tried it...still missfired. I put my hand on the outer shell firmly enough to reduce the vibration as i kicked. Tried it...it worked...no missfire. Also thought my head might be a little too loose. Tightened it...it worked. No more missfire. Go figure. These V-session drums are a blast...but they can sure get tempermental. I would go bloody nuts if it was'nt for this forum. Any help?