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Ride Trigger Problem

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  • Ride Trigger Problem

    Okay, here's a good one...I recently re-initialized my TD-10 (with expansion card) to get back all of the original settings. Afterwards, I noticed that on about half of the kits, when I play the ride (CY-15R), I get the ride instrument PLUS the kick!

    Any ideas? I looked thru the manual but couldn't find a fix or just missed it.


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    well first thing you could try is to go into mixer settings and select volume.hit your ride.does the ride highlight?or the kick?or both?
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      Hey, Feefer...I think you're right; I'll give it a try. I have a vague memory of changing the trigger settings...its been awhile. Oddly though, the bell seems to trigger just fine.

      Thanks for the feedback...Roland should pay you a retainer for product support!!!



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        Hi there, I had exactly the same problem with my brandnew TD10 module & TDW1 expasioncard.
        It came right out of the shop with a ride&crashsound on the bowtrigger of de cy15R ridepad. The bell and edge trigger are o.k.
        This was tested with only the module and ridepad so it wasn't triggering any other pad through the rack or something!
        Even when we changed the module for another brandnew one, updated it with the same TDW1 card we had exactly the same problem!!!!!!! That's strange isn't it?????
        So far no solution for this.........

        greetz HAMMAR
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          Hammar...take a look at Feefer's response below; his suggestion was the right answer and it fixed the problem for me.


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            Thanx man, but the module and the ridepad were send back to the ROLAND import in Belgium, Europe. They have no answer sofar, but I will show them this thread if nessecary!!
            I'm still a rookie to all this stuff!
            But will I'll be drumming this Xmas????

            greets HAMMAR
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            Lignum Mahonique drums
            Pearl Masters Custom MRX,
            Paiste, Zildjian & Sabian
            TD10 session kit.


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              Hi Hammar! Welcome aboard!
              (told ya these guys know what they're talking about )
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