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Tap Mode for tdw-1

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  • Tap Mode for tdw-1

    Hello drummers.
    Im very new at v-drums. I cant figure out how to make pattern #44 (chords) happen via triggering them from a pad. I know it can be done but dont know how to do it. Please help. Thanks,

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    Stasisdrummer -

    If you are simply wanting to assign a pattern to a specific pad, take these steps:

    1) Press the "Inst" button on your TD-10.

    2) Hit the pad that you want to assign the pattern to. This will automatically select this pad and its assigned sound in the "Inst" screen.

    3) Hit the "control" button (I think it's F4).

    4) Select "pattern" (F3 button) if it doesn't come up by default.

    5) Now you can use your dial or inc/dec buttons to select the pattern number you wish to assign to that trigger.

    You should be all set. Good luck.
    Roland TD-20S V-Pro, Roland V-Session w/TMC-6, Hart Pro 6.4 w/Roland V-Cymbals, Roland SPD-S, Zendrum


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      see page 20 of the TDW-1 Owner's Manual.
      It's very easy.

      good luck...