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V-Cymbal feedback

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  • V-Cymbal feedback

    I'm in the process of pitching V-Cymbals for our kit at Church and ditching the PD-9/7 pads. So far, I got a price of $840 for:
    CY-15R 1 EA
    CY-14C 2 EA
    CY-12H 1 EA

    If I need to find a way of reducing costs, I was wondering about how the CY-12RC would work. I am ruling out the CY-6 due to the break down feedback I have seen on this board and because I'd like to start out asking for what we really want. I can always reconsider later if I get shot down.

    Just how does the CY-12RC compare with the CY-14C or CY-15R?

    Is the balance, weight and response close?

    Any problems with quality and holding up over time?

    Are there similar bell triggering problems compared to the CY-15R?

    Is it a good "does it all" choice of a cymbal?

    Thanks for any feedback you V-Cymbal owners can give.
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    i've heard nothing but good.......and played one for a few minutes as a crash and then assinged a ride sound to it......i never assinged a bell sound to it because it was a store model in one of the aux jacks i believe,but it triggered fine.as a crash it's a nice size.for a ride it's a bit small but no biggy.i think when you figure in price and such, it's a good "all in one"cymbal.
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      I got the CYP-1 from riksmusic.com for 640.00 . It has a cy-12H, cy-15R and cy-14C

      It was the best deal I could find.
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        That's where I got my pricing. I asked for the CYP-1 and an extra CY-14C.

        I need to get the CY12-RC quoted. I'm looking for feedback on this cymbal.
        Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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          I use three CY-12R/C's, one for a ride & two for crashes. They work great. I beat the helll out of them and no problems, unlike the two CY-6's that I also have and only use as auxiliary cymbals because of their dislike of hard work. The feel, balance, swing of the CY-12R/C's is very good, not exactly like an acoustic cymbal, but very good.

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            OK, not an American company, but they seem to have some great prices on bits of gear.


            I've had a fair few things shipped (to England) and have never had any problems.
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