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TD-10 "Under Water"

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  • TD-10 "Under Water"

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market for a new e-drum module and have decided to go with one of the TD's. My first thought was to go for the TD-8 since it has the features I want for a price that is more in line with my budget.

    Well, yesterday I was in a local music store giving the TD-8 a full workout. Just for fun I decided to try out the new V-Session kit using the same set of headphones. Although I've read that many of the sounds are the same in both modules, the expanded TD-10 was just more "full" sounding and the headphone output was significantly greater. Do others find this to be true?

    Secondly, for some strange reason, when practicing at home I tend to like drum sounds that are processed. On the V-Session I played, there was a kit called "under water." It's highly processed and although it probably would not sound good in live situations or for recording, it was cool to practice to underphones because the kit sounded really big. Does anyone know if this kit is available or can be replicated using the unexpanded version of the TD-10 or even the TD-8? I played with the ambience control on the TD-8 but couldn't get the same effect. I like the price of the TD-8 but some of the kits on the expanded TD-10 just sounded better to me. I'm trying to determine if I can get similar sounds on the TD-8 or unexpanded TD-10 so as not to break the budget. If any of you have any thoughts, I'd really appreciate hearing them.


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    Some of the kits do seem "fuller" on the TD-10ex, and of course the cymbal sounds are far superior, (IMHO). I actually think that the TD-8 has more useful preset sounds overall when comparing the two out of the box. The TD-10 unexpanded, again IMO, was totally inferior to a TD-8. You could argue whether the upgrade makes it sonically better or not, I suppose. I think so, but with less good samples to work with than I would like (and arguably less good starting samples than the TD-8). There is some great stuff on a TD-8 (hence I bought a TD-6 which has the same sounds as the TD-8). Now I can use both or layer in some TD-8 sounds. You raise a good question on how close one module could emulate a sound/sounds from the other. Dunno. The underlying samples differ, so I would say that in many cases, I doubt that you could recreate the same kits.


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      Artie, the 'Underwater' sound was created by applying one of the many on-board effects which are present on the TD-10. Since I copied over that particular kit long ago, I can't say which effect it is ('phaser' or 'flanger' are my best guesses).

      These effects are all variations on reverb, including 'gated', '3-D flying stereo', 'flange', 'phaser' etc. These can be combined with various ambience settings to enhance your sounds. These can be combined with some of the electronic or special effect samples for some incredible experimental/industrial-music type sounds.

      I think these effects are available on the TD-10 only (either expanded or not) but you may want a TD-8 owner to verify this. My guess is that you could re-create the 'Underwater' kit using an unexpanded TD-10.

      And I agree, they sound fabulous over a good set of headphones.


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        The underwater kit lives on in ROM. If I get a chance later, I'll take a look at it, but suspect it can't be duplicated on a TD-8.


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          Originally posted by dr. kildrum:
          The underwater kit lives on in ROM. If I get a chance later, I'll take a look at it, but suspect it can't be duplicated on a TD-8.
          I'd really appreciate you looking into this to see what effects are applied to this kit to get that huge "boomy" sound. I'd really like to find out if it can be replicated with a TD-8 (perhaps with some outboard gear) or on the unexpanded TD-10.

          Thanks for your help!