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To pad or trigger?

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  • To pad or trigger?

    Ok, I'm wondering whether to go ahead with the Hart Dynamics Studio Standard kit with TD-8, or just get the TD-8 and the Acoustic Drum Converion heads and convert my acoustics ...

    Are there any big drawbacks to converting the acoustics vs. buying the pad kit? I guess one thing would be still having acoustic cymbals ... another question is whether the conversion kit muffles the drums sufficiently ...

    Any feedback appreciated!!

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    I still use pads because it's just easier, in fact I use rubber because I don't like changing heads.
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      hey barebones -

      what did you wind up doing?


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        Ended up with the Hart Studio Standard. Very pleased, although I'm still quite curious what it would be like to trigger my acoustics.


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          Get some mesh heads for it and also some reshot triggers... or maybe build your own triggers for it....cool project.


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            I used one of those conversion kits on a 14x6 snare. The "unplugged" sound is a bit louder than a true mesh head pad but still acceptable.

            It also wasn't what I expected it to be either. The kit contained two foam disks at least 13" in diameter and about 1/2" thick, a 6" plastic disk (piezo attached) and a plastic tray that sits on the rim of the shell. Fully assembled, it looks like it is about to come apart underneath. Kind of like being able to see someone sitting on the john from underneath!!!

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              After what you just said, yes!


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                Originally posted by sepdrums
                Get some mesh heads for it and also some reshot triggers... or maybe build your own triggers for it....cool project.
                sepdrums - is that what you did?? Get mesh heads for snare, toms, bass and get ddrumm triggers? If so, 1) did you use redshots on everything or the XLR and 2) do you think playing mesh heads on acoustic drums is louder than playing on an edrum? (like a roland v session or hart pro)? thanks


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                  Any recommendations on the mesh heads?


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                    I just got my mesh heads and triggers from Eric (Sepdrums) and I am very happy. Nice guy too.

                    I created kind of a hybrid; meaning I combined my Roland Club kit and my Pearl Acoustic kit.

                    I bought the Ddrum triggers set and 2ply Hart mesh heads (I'm waiting on the bass head).

                    I still need to do some adjusting on my 16" floor tom. The bottom ply seems to be a little wrinkled.

                    I will try to post a pictures as soon as I finish.


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