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volume levels inconsistant

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  • volume levels inconsistant

    I'm using a v-session kit. I need to get consistant volume levels on all kits. I'm running 1 line out to the mixer. The problem is when I change kits some are too loud and some too low. sometimes its just one drum and sometimes its the whole kit. I tried going into the mixer setting on the brain setting ALL the drums on ALL the kits to 100. What am I missing here? I have my first gig coming up with this kit and I need to have consistant volumes. Its so bad that I'm thinking about just using one set for the whole gig! but that kinda sucks to limit myself that much I could be using a real kit in that case! Please help!


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    All of the sounds in the brain are not recorded/created internally to default to the same volume level when set at 100. I recommend setting all your sounds to something like 60 or 70. Then you have plenty of headroom to raise the lower volume level sounds so they are as loud as some of the others you will be using...trial and error is the only way (it will also partly depend on the sound system you use).
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      This comes up every now and then. My $.02... Start with a Control Room, GRPVOL level of around 100. Then adjust the volume of your pads to where you want them (90-110 range is typical). Leave some room to adjust - don't start at 125. Experience will better let you know the starting points, but 100 is a good as any. Balance the various pad volumes to where you want it. Now cycle through the kits and adjust the Group Volume to level out the kits. Don't be afraid if some pads or even the entire kit is at 120 or more. Kicks, snares, rim clicks, tamborines, tend to be at 120-127 on several of my kits. Every notice how good the patterns sound? Ever notice how LOUD they sound? Crank it, I say!

      And yes, the sounds are not equal. Add EQ, ambience, effects, compresson, etc and the volume changes even more. That's normal. So those comparisons people made at the same volume levels is tainted when some have effects, etc., and some don't.
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