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PD120 w/o Rubber Rims?

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  • PD120 w/o Rubber Rims?

    Hello all in Vdrum land,
    I have read all the threads (almost all) about the worn out PD120 rubber rims, and I wanna know if anyone actually uses the PD120 without the rubber molding. The sound of a metal rim would not bother me and I am tired of rotating my PD120 snare drum. Any suggestions would be great...

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    That did it! I'm taking vitamins and joining a gym. The rims on the V's at my Church are beat to death, I've read complaints that rims are chewed up in a year or less and mine look brand new after 3.5 yrs. Come to think of it, I didn't break sticks or heads that often when I had acoustics. And I have never broke a stick since owning the V's. This is downright embarrasing!

    What am I doing wrong?
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      i've told you before boing........STOP HITTING THE HEADS,SHEESH.
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        You jokesters!

        To answer your question, I use DIY edrums with regular drum rims (no rubber rim). They work well but you will have to adjust the rim sensitivity, they are super sensitive without the rubber. he he

        The metal rims make alot of noise, but at regular gig playing volume it isn't a problem. Beware, since playing vdums (about 3 years), I've only gone through 2-3 pairs of sticks. The naked rims are chewing up my once beautiful sticks!

        a la Homer,
        Hmmmmm.......... naked rims.
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          Thanks guys...

          Yeah, I have only been a Vdrummer for three months so I sometimes get carried away and jam on them like they are acoustics. But when I get tired of using the duck tape to patch things up, I will take of the rims. Don't like the idea of chewed up sticks though...