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td8 hihat polarity - help?

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  • td8 hihat polarity - help?


    i just got a roland td-8 module and everything works great with my pintech kit except that the polarity of the Hyperhat controller is reversed (open hi hat is closed, closed is open, foot stomps play when i let me foot UP, etc.)...

    for the life of me i can't figure out how to reverse this, but so many people use pintechs with the td-8's i'm sure it must be possible...

    thanks for any help...


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    Strange?? The problem would have to be with the pedal itself. If it is the newer fully functional pedal the pot (or whatever they use, I havent opened the newer ones) must be being operated backwards. If you have a ohm meter hook it to the pedals jack and see that the circuit is open when the pedal is up and closed when the pedal is down. Anyone else?


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      I have a pintech CS8 kit with a TD-8 and that happens to me all the time!

      It hasn't happened to me with the TD-8 (yet), but often did with the DM5 and DTX 2.0 mod's.

      All you need to do is turn off the TD-8 take out the hi hat ctrl cable from the input jack, turn it back on, then off, then put in the cable to the hihatctrl input.

      Hope it helps-



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        Doh!!! I should have asked. Make sure you touch nothing while your module boots up. This is rule #1 on the V's. It can really screw the hat function if you have the pedal depressed while the module boots.