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Mixer at gigs

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  • Mixer at gigs


    It will sometime soon be time for me to do a gig for the first time using V's. I have a mixer, Behringer MX602a, and have been using it to have seperate control over the kick and snare and then the rest of the kit through two stereo channels. I'm not sure whether to use this in a live situation with the extra set-up time, and then me messing and the sound guy messing with my sounds. What do people on here recommend/use? I've read somewhere about the direct signal from the v's being different (or unbalanced) compared to the final mix from the desk. I also can't save my EQ settings on the desk so would have to live with a 'global' setting for the gig.

    Will it be a major advantage to use a mixer instead of the stereo outputs from the v's?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Danny159753

    How much do you trust the sound guy?
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      I'm just talking generally, so there would be no specific sound guy every time. I know they vary greatly in skill, so its a difficult question.

      But also, the mix i get on stage will vary out front so if i start messing i could end up making it sound sh!t out front. I'm tempted to trust the sound guy........i think!
      Gear: TD8KV. Tama Superstar http://photobucket.com/albums/d62/Danny_Sticks/
      Bands: www.myspace.com/njoyband


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        Sound Guy, IMO send as many seperate signals as you can. Edrums sound so different the farther you get from the PA. I've found the cymbals to be loud on stage but very weak 20- 30 feet away. Snare cracks with in 20-30 feet of stage, but becomes thin and weak farther away.


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          It really does depend on your soundtechs level of experience mixing live bands. If this person is seasoned he/she will most likely prefer to have as many seperate signals as they can get providing of course that the mixing board has enough channels. If the soundperson is just more or less helping out the band by setting some fader levels during the show then maybe fewer signals would be a safer bet.