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Help. 2 Kicks = 2 Volumes

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  • Help. 2 Kicks = 2 Volumes

    I just picked up 2 brand new Pintech Vertikicks and 2 brand new DW 5000 Accelerator pedals. They are Y-d together right before the brain, into the same Kick jack.

    The problem is that the left one is louder than the right one. I KNOW it's not my feet. My right is much more powerful than my left. I've done enough experimenting with both legs at different volumes to know it's not my playing. The tension on each pedal is exactly the same too.

    Any idea how I might fix this? Would switching from stereo to mono cables and Y's make any difference? I'm guessing not. How 'bout brain settings?


    Drooling Dog
    - Scott

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    Try adjusting/playing with your velocity curve a bit.



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      Originally posted by Drooling Dog:
      The problem is that the left one is louder than the right one.

      I assume youve tried switching the triggers to see if that effects anything... Also try looking for a polarity switch on the triggers... make sure they're the same.

      Could be that with shoddy product and quality control at these OTHER e-drum manufacturers, you've got a hold of a perfect example of the variance in product...

      That last bit was a joke by the way, I'm not THAT much of a Roland-nazi!

      \oo/_ _\oo/

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        Hey Dog,

        Would you mind emailing me your email address? I want you to try something. My address is [email protected]

        V-Concert, Visu-Lite Cymbals, BBE 482's, Behringer Multicom, Alesis D5


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          Looks like I figured it out. The right beater was hitting the trigger about 1/8 of an inch lower than the left side was. Adjust and fixed.

          Drooling Dog
          - Scott


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            Dude, rus, I am absolutely AMAZED at your little sig dude. I want one of my own.