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Hart vs Roland

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  • Hart vs Roland

    I have narrowed my search to 2 sets as a first purchase, The Roland V Club and the Hart Dynamics Studio Standard. Every retialer carries the Roland. I have had many opportunities to test and play the Roland. The problem lies in that no retailer I have been to carries Hart Acupads. I want to touch and feel them.

    Has anyone played the Hart Acupads? And can you give a comparison to the rubber V Club pads.


    Roland V-Stage

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    Sorry, this is the vdrums forum. N O O N E plays anything but Roland products. We are all dedicated and loyal to Roland.

    Stand by for Hart bashing.
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      I use the Hart X series with the Roland TD 10 and all V cymbals
      including The roland hihat pad. I have only used the roland pads in the stores so I cannot be a good judge of the pads but I am happy with my Hart pads I have had them about 2 years with no problems so far and I play live alot with them. I do have a set of the Yamaha DTX 2.0 DS 10 and as far as a rubber pad as opposed to a mesh head there is no comparison in feel the mesh feels much better and is alot quietier than the rubber pads I use the yamaha's at home for practice. I would go with the a kit with mesh heads myself if you are going for feel . I don't know much about the V club kits and which module it comes with I have about every module that is metioned on the forum I have a DDrum4 ,Yamaha DTX, Roland TD 8, and TD 10 , SPD 20 and a Alesis d4 I just keep the D4 for setimental value. I like all the modules for one carateristic or another they all do something better than the other but if I had to say one overall I would pick the TD 10 and the Roland Vcymbal are the best out there bar none when used with a Roland unit they my cost more but you get what you pay for IMO. Here is a old pic of my kit before I upgrade to all V Cymbals,in this pic I am using 1 V ride and 2 cy 6 and a yamaha pad for hat and slash. Now I use 2- CY14 , 1 CY15r and 2 CY 6 ( splash and china boy) and a CY12h. I hope this helps you I am sure it is more info than you needed but I would go with the Hart mesh pads over Roland rubber .
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