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Trouble with Tom 4 after upgrading to latest ROM

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  • Trouble with Tom 4 after upgrading to latest ROM

    I am relatively new to e-drums. I have a V-Pro set w/TDW-1. I recently sent my expansion board off to Roland to have it upgraded to V-Cymbals. I had ROM version 2.11. It came back as version 2.50.

    With the new ROM, Tom 4 will periodically produce a sound like a flam or a ruff when I hit with one stick. It seems to happen most often when I am off center towards the rim. When I play in the center, it sounds fine.

    Anyone know what this is? It doesn't sound like it is triggering another drum. I don't believe this happened with the TD-10 or after upgrading - only after upgrading to v-cymbal control.



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    First, a proviso... I do not own a mesh head trigger pad and do not have much experience with them. Grains of salt are prescribed..

    Now, one thing you might check is if it's happening on just one pad. If so, check to see if the head is properly tensioned as that little foam cone connecting the piezo trigger to the head could be pulled off center if it isn't. The ROM upgrade affords you with positional sensing on the heads, if I'm not mistaken (others, please feel free to correct me, here...). This positional sensing depends on the heads being properly tensioned. Check out the owner's manual for more info on this.


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      Ditto, tune your drum head.
      The upgrade changes all sorts of sensitivity settings and things like that. Perhaps this is bringing out your 'flam' problem. Don't be too scared to mess around with things like scan time, sensitivity, retrigger cancel etc once you have readjusted the mesh head.
      Highly unlikely that anything is wrong with the module!

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        I believe you will find a retrigger cancel adjustment will eliminate your problem. Same thing happened to me after I upgraded.


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          Press SETUP, then F1 (TRIG), then hit the TOM4 pad and press F3 (ADVNCD). Mess with the MaskTime (the period of time in milliseconds in which the TDW-1 will ignore doubled hits) and RetrigCancel (basically another way of tuning the Threshold -- it's finer than the Threshold setting in the BASIC [F2] menu) settings until happy.

          For TOM4, I have my MaskTime setting at 20, and my RetrigCancel setting at 8. I have no problems with double-triggering now.

          I used to be very annoyed with it, as I used to do fast floor tom rolls at the edge of the drum. I used to have the problem all the time until I read the manual and found this out. I am imparting this knowledge to you a) to save you the trouble of sifting through the TD-10 manual again and b) because I know how damn-well annoying RTFM can get...

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            Thank you. Mask time worked for me.

            This points out the need to read the manual nice and slow, beyond the quick start section (and refer to this web site). Now that I know these terms, doing a search on mask time and double trigger displayed a lot of good info.