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Are the V-cymbals better than the pads?

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  • Are the V-cymbals better than the pads?

    Back again, What a kill site!!

    I am currntly using PD-9s and 7s for my cymbals and D-drum triggers for toms and kick with a v snare.( love that snare)
    Anyway, I need to buy a few more pads for toms. I was wondering if the V cymbals are totally better than the PD-9s for cymbal work. Do both cymbal triggers respond the same? ( CY-6 or CY-12).
    I am using the TD-8 module.

    I would sure appreciate any input. ( I need to make out my wish list for Christmas)
    Thanx....................Eric !!

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    Consider going with Hart for the ride and hi-hat. According to some people, the Hart ride and hat blow away the v-cymbals for playing feel. They are essentially real metal cymbals with a rubber pad on the playing surface to make them quiet. I will be upgrading to Hart for ride and hi-hat soon, but for now I use the CY-12RC for hat and CY-15R for ride. The CY-15R feels good to play and triggers great (except for the bell problem); the CY-12RC feels OK to play and triggers OK (except for the bell problem).

    For crash cymbals I would still go with the CY-14C or the CY-12RC because they're quieter than the Hart crashes, and dual trigger unlike the Harts. But for ride and hi-hat I would definitely go with the new Harts.

    Hart Dynamics
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      Thanks alot for your input guys. I really appreciate it. Fact is I do need to try them out to see which is best and would fit my needs.

      ............Eric !!