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Which kick trigger is best ??

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  • Which kick trigger is best ??

    I am almost done completing my set with all roland pads. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the KD-80 is a good pad for the kick or is the 120 a better choice? Is the extra$70 worth it for the 120? I am currently using D-Drum triggers on all toms and the kick. It works well but I want to start playing late at home so I will be changing toms and kick. Also, is the KD-7
    even a possible choice. I am currently using the TD-8 module.

    I appreciate any input!...................thanx Eric !!

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    I wouldn't buy a KD-7. If you already have one, consider constructing a bracket to mount it in an upright position. I made one out of 2x4's and painted it black. Here is a design by Boingo:

    I think the only advantage of the 120 over the 80 is the visual appeal of the 12" drum. They should trigger about the same. It looks like the 120 braces are a bit more sturdy.
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      I've had both and the difference is significant. The feel of the larger pad is MUCH more solid and the larger head area has more give and less bounce than the smaller kd-80. I've also used a double pedal on both, again the 120 is far superior, and more expensive!
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