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Is the DTXTREME module that bad?

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  • Is the DTXTREME module that bad?

    I haven't read any good reviews/comments about YAMAHA'S DTXTREME SET. Most of the *****ing is about the practice-pad-like feeling of the pads. I could give a **** about the pads, I just wanna trigger my acoustic drums, so all I need is the module, and triggers. Musicians Friend is selling the ****en thing for $800 bucks, man that's not bad at all.

    Is the DTXTREME good for acoustic triggering?

    I know that you can load your own samples, can anyone tell me more about this?

    Are DDRUM triggers, and PERFECT TRIGGERS compatible with the DTXTREME Module?

    Is there good ol' machine-gun going on(I hope not)?

    "Without drums behind it, that little guitar riff ain't going anywhere" - Dave Lombardo

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    Minors on board

    Would appreciate you not using profanity. It's totally unnecessary and a violation of your agreement when you registered. Also there are many minors who frequent this board. Thank you. What ever happened to that automatic word censor??
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