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TD-8 Needs Ressurection

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  • TD-8 Needs Ressurection


    I accidently killed my beast. I was trying to download that stinkin' 1.10 update that was seemingly proceeding to plan; so I went to mix a drink. When I got back the Tempo light was on (not blinking). Things seemed to be in order until I rebooted it. What came up was just a blank LCD screen. I have tried the download again, and again. Roland says I need to take it to my local authorized repairman. I'm just praying some genius out there knows an inside trick. I'm not cheap, but I am on severance with no big spending cash. HEP ME!

    Groove On

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    That didn't work

    It appears to be taking the update at first, but the "Record" light never comes on to show it's Writing the code to ROM. Instead, the RIM light comes on. I dunno.

    Tanx Anyway,

    Groove On


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      I had the same trouble. I used Cakewalk to play the midi files and after the third one, it crashed.
      Panic on board !!!
      After a few research over the net, I found a good trick.
      "Play the midi files at a lower tempo...". It worked ! I used 50 bpm.
      Hope this helps !


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        Re: That didn't work

        Originally posted by Dr Groove
        It appears to be taking the update at first, but ... Tanx Anyway
        But did the "SETUP+REC" power-on sequence ressurect the module? I may need this sometime, as I am constantly tinkering.
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