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Upgrading the HiHat

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  • Upgrading the HiHat

    Hello there,

    After some great deals on my cymbals (thank Pieter) and other stuff, I have some money to spend on a hihat.
    Now I'm not sure what to buy....A CY-12 HH or R/C? Or something else? I'm using a CY-6 right now. (also thanks to Pieter )
    Any suggestions?????

    Groet, Cas
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    I have a CY-12H, but these days I find myself lusting after the Visu-Lite hi-hats (pictured at http://www.visu-lite.com/store/Produ...ts/default.asp ). The CY-12H has *excellent* triggering, but I don't like the feel. The rubber on the CY-12H seems to absorbe/deaden my strokes. I can't really explain it, I just think the rebound on the CY-12H doesn't feel right, and I can't help but think the Visu-Lites might feel better. Maybe the rubber is thinner or the material underneath has a different feel... I dunno. Having a real hi-hat stand also opens up space on my now-crowded V-Club rack.

    Unfortunately I can't test my theory, because Visu-Lites aren't available at local stores. So I'd have to order them and if I don't like them, send them back. Plus, for some reason, nobody seems to be wildly singing their praises. I haven't seen much open criticism of the Visu-Lite hats, but it seems to me if they were really *awesome* there'd be a lot more discussion/praise of them on the forums.

    Some people actually prefer using one of the Roland crashes (CY6 or CY12) as a hi-hat. I can't comment on that. I can say that for me, the CY-12H's triggering is great, but the feel is less than ideal. Hopefully someone else who's played Visu-Lite hats can comment further.
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      What about a Hart Dynamics hat...

      I know that Guitar Center can get a great price. You could also look at Drum World (item: HDECII12HH, $149.00).
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        Thanks for your suggestions but i was being selfwise (is that a word in English??? Well it is now! ) I choose to stick to my CY-6 as a hihat and order a CY-15R! Can't wait for it to come in!!!!
        DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas