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  • Volume!

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    I also found this frustrating until I stopped using the onboard FX. Mic, Compression and trigger sensitivity settings will also cause flucuations. Everybody builds kits differently, but I start with one "gold standard kit" and keep copying it over and over, adding different sounds and FX's to create a series of custom kits. I use the stock kits only for ideas.


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      The TD-10 has the same volume change problem from kit to kit. I personally don't consider this a "problem". It's totally understandable and Jack mentioned some reasons "onboard FX. Mic, Compression and trigger sensitivity settings will also cause flucuations". As far as I can tell, there is no taboo setting for volume levels. I just adjust my master kit volume level to get my gigging kits in the same ballpark. I do leave room to manuver i.e., I don't start out with everything cranked on already hot kits.

      When my kit was new, I assumed levels of 100 were a good start and tried to keep them there. Then VkitTrans came out and I looked at other's kits. I noticed others were'nt bothered by using higher levels and some of them sounded pretty good. I have a few kits where the snare is on the soft side and I'm not using much in effects or other things which affect the volume. A snare volume of 127 works just fine on these.

      There are limits. Your ears or equipment should tell you when you are clipping. You can't max out kick volume, put on a deep shell, crank compression, boost low end EQ and not expect problems. I have my hottest kits at a kit volume of ~110. The weaker kits can be as high as 127. I season to taste.
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