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How to Load Ver. 1.10

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  • How to Load Ver. 1.10

    I dwnloaded TD-8's s'ware update; and convoluted as the instructions may be (and they didn't work on mine, I never saw the "Updating" msg), but how do you "set" the sequencer if you're using a s'ware-based app (Sonar 1.3). I mean, do you Play the .mid files, or what?


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    Go to the Roland site and download the SMF Player along with the update. Follow the very simple instructions on both and the update will happen almost automatically. I know nothing anout MIDI, etc. and it worked like a charm for me. Plus, the update is well worth the minimal effort.
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      I SWEAR I'm not this thick


      I'm sure you're telling the truth, but 1st of all, I can't even get my TD-8 to go into the Update mode, convoluted as it is. Sure, I got the .mid files to work/play; and I could tell my PC TX them, but I got no response from the TD-8. Did you hit the Record button, or what?




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        No. I followed the instructions from the roland site, which entailed pushing, holding and releasing various combinations of buttons (I first did a dry run where I ran through the sequence with the power off). When I was through, the play button lit just as advertised. Then, when the MIDI files were being received, the trigger button was lit. When recording, the record button was lit, and no button was lit in between. See the following:

        ***TD-8 System Update Procedure***

        **Note: All Custom Data and settings will be lost when updating the TD-8's operating system. Please backup all important information.

        *Tools needed*
        1. TD-8
        2. Update disk with SMF files
        3. MIDI cable
        4. Sequencer capable of playing SMFs

        *Update Procedure*

        1. Connect MIDI out of the sequencer to MIDI In on the TD-8

        2. Power on while holding [SETUP]+[REC], and you will
        enter Update Mode. [SETUP] will light.

        *Note: If you make a mistake in the order of the following procedure, the TD-8 will start up in its normal mode.

        3. Continue holding [REC], release [SETUP], and press [DOWN].
        [CHAIN] will light.

        4. Continue holding [DOWN], release [REC], and press [BWD].
        When [CHAIN] and [REC] light, release the buttons.
        If a FlashID error occurs, [CLICK] will light.
        Press any of the buttons, the TD-8 will start up in normal

        5. When [CHAIN]+[REC] go dark and [PLAY] lights, play back the
        update disks in the correct order.

        During the update, the TD-8 will operate as follows.
        ..5-1 While receiving data, [TRIGGER] will light.
        ..5-2 While writing data, [REC] will light.
        ..5-3 When writing is completed and the unit is waiting to receive data,
        [PLAY] will light
        Repeat steps 5-1 ~ 5-3 for each SMF

        6. After sending all files, [KIT] will blink, indicating
        that the update process has ended successfully

        7. Power off the TD-8
        8. Turn power on to return to normal operation

        The System Update id found here: http://www.rolandus.com/support/upda...&ProdID=TD%2D8

        For the SMF Player:

        Directions for using UpdateSMF

        This is an application for playing back Standard MIDI Files that
        can be used in place of a full-featured sequencer or librarian
        program. This application is only available for IBM compatible
        computers at this time. You will need a MIDI interface on your
        computer to use this program.

        Here is the procedure to use this application:

        1) Copy the file "updateSMF.exe" to your computer.
        2) Launch the application by double clicking on the appropriate icon.
        3) Click on the arrow by MIDI Out Device and select the MIDI output
        you wish to use.
        4) Click on Path and use the browse dialog box to locate the
        Standard MIDI Files you have downloaded (they should be in a
        directory by themselves) and click on OK.
        5) Click on Scan SMF, you should see a number of files appear
        in the window immediately next to this button.
        6) Press SEND to begin transmitting the files. The application
        will send all of the files sequentially.
        7) When the update is completed, press Exit.

        (c)1999 Roland Corporation U.S.

        The SMF Player is found here: http://www.rolandus.com/support/gena...CatID=&ProdID=

        "too loud, too late"
        My mom, circa 1974 (before v-drums)