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Alternate AC adapter for TD-8

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  • Alternate AC adapter for TD-8

    Was curious if anyone knows which Roland (or other) adapters can be used effectively, and without harming my TD-8? Does the AC adapter have to be the ACI-120C that comes with the TD-8 module? I have an AC adapter from an old Octopad with virtually the same specs, the only difference is the output is 9V 500mA and 12Watts on the Octopad supply, and it is 9V 1000mA and 17 watts on the TD-8 supply. I am no electronic genius and was curious what this means? Will I fry my TD-8 by using this older one? It fits the back of the TD-8 and the power turns on (I did not leave it on for more than a second or two).
    Probably should just order a ACI-120C for my backup.?!

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    Steve H.

    The adapter for my TD-8 also crapped out after about a year. I bought a Radio Shack adapter for a fraction of the cost of a Roland adapter. Been using it for about a year and a half almost daily without any problems. Use the Most Excellent Search Engine to find out more details.

    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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      replacement adapter

      Chute, why couldn't they have done this with the SPD-20??!?!?

      If any of you have looked at it, it's exactly the opposite of the TD-8 (and presumably other TD modules) in terms of a replacement:

      1) AC instead of DC
      2) a Coax connector with a center pin that's thicker than any other Coax power connector I've seen

      Because of this, locating a non-Roland replacement has been extremely difficult. Good thing my original isn't broke!

      (The cord coming off Roland's adapter isn't long enough to stretch over to the other side of the rack; only wanted an extension to it and absolutely could not find a female coax plug that would accept Roland's plug. Got a power pack (yes, a pack, not a wallwart) and am going to try the biggest plug that MCM sells.)

      I presume the SPD-11 is the same way since it appers to have the same form factor in the back.