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  • newbie advice

    I'm sorry, but I have to ask the newbie questions. I need to pick up a vdrum set relatively soon (tomorrow maybe) and I need a quick place to answer my questions, so thanks for the time.

    OK, I'm looking at the V-Session set for use in a live environment. My first tech question is, to feed the 4 stereo pairs to the snake to go to FOH I need 8 channels of direct box? correct? Those of you that use this setup, what db do you use, I'm looking at getting a couple multi directors.
    Second question - I already have a real nice Gibraltar Rack, would it be better (cheaper) to buy each individual component seperately, maybe get another V-Cymbal instead of the rack, or am I better off buying the whole set, and ditching the rack?

    again thanks for the time.