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Problem Setting Memory on TMC-6

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  • Problem Setting Memory on TMC-6

    Hello All

    I finally got my TMC-6 and DDrum Triggers for my Accoustic Kit. I have it hooked up to my TD-10. I am having problems getting the TMC-6 to access various Kits on the TD-10. When I set the Memory number to 3, I get the current kit setting on the TD-10. If I set the Memory number to any other number eg. 1, 2, 4 etc. Toms 2,3,4 are various cymbal sounds.

    Reviewing the TMC-6's Manual Pg 10, it states that Memory No. 3 appears to be the configuration that I am using. i.e. triggers on the Kick, Snare, Toms 1 to 4 to Trigger inputs 1-6 respectively.

    How do I get the TMC-6 to access the TD-10's 50 user kits, or other sounds? How can I program up to the maximum memory settings (12) as a different kit for each one? I'm new to MIDI and electronic percussion. Yes, I have the Midi Channel set to 10 on both the TMC-6 and the TD-10.

    Your help would be appreciated. Note that I would really like to get the Snare to trigger a tamborine sound while the toms and Kick trigger actual drum sounds with some varous resonance tones.

    The help from all the experienced technos would be very helpful as I cannot interpret how to do what I want from reading the manual

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