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CYMBAL CUTOFF! on TD-6 using PD-7 pads?

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  • CYMBAL CUTOFF! on TD-6 using PD-7 pads?

    While playing a somewhat involved solo,
    my cymbal sound cuts off way to soon (as if I am choking the cymbal) does anyone know what to do about this as far as adjusting the settings on the TD-6 or buy different cymbal pads or anything would really help me out.
    I was thinking about solving the problem with a TMC-6 but from the looks of it......this is not a sound module of it's own and would only worsen the problem.
    I know it's probably from an overload of information in the module I have......or is it?


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    already tried that one.Will try it again though.thanks for the information......maybe I did it wrong way or something.


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      I had the same thing happen with a td-8 while playing live this past weekend. My suspision is that I had tightened the nut on the cymbal boom too tight. Once I loosened it the problem ceased.
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        well hell I didnt notice you are using a pd-7..... so definately not the same problem....sorry
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          I may be of track here so someone correct me if I am. If you are playing alot of different samples rapidly, (as in a solo) is it possible that this is a polyphony problem with the module? I know that this has happened to me several times with my TD-8 while doing a trail of 32's with cymbal accents.
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            I did try the "loosening the nut trick" thinking that it was a longshot with that kind of pad.

            I do also agree with the polyphony problem.
            I was using normal drum kit settings though.
            I was using 64th notes while playing double bass drum pedals on the kd-80.
            I hope this doesn't scare peaple into not getting a TD-6 because under normal circumstances......this is a very accurate and reliable module. The PD-6 pads are really reliable as well.Hate to knock anything Roland but they could have done way better on the CY-6.

            Thanks for the help.........maybe it will be easier to change up the solo.This is a rare case in which I've never had any problems with the module.