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  • v cymvbals?

    I reset my V session TD-10 by pushing set-up and then F4 a few times to get the brain back to its default settings. Do I have to redo something special to get the correct settings for the V Cymbals to work correctly. I reset the brain because it was a demo kit that I wanted to get back to its original state. Now the cymbal crashes don't sound correct as well as the 3 trigger ride. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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    What are you comparing too....? If the previous settings for those
    pads had been altered for pitch, EQ, etc, and you don't have a 'road map' on how to get back to thoses settings.... then you'll have to do it by trial and error. Good Luck.


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      I think need to choose trigger bank #2 after re-initializing the TD-10 w/ TDW-1. This has the proper pad settings for the V-Cymbals. Hope this helps.